Go for a Spin on a Vintage Trolley at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum

Back in the early 20th century, it wasn’t uncommon to hop a trolley to work in Baltimore. The Baltimore Streetcar Museum seeks to preserve the rich history of trolley travel throughout the city by saving and restoring some of these old-school streetcars to their former glory. In fact, the in-house fleet of Baltimore streetcars is one of the largest of its kind in the country.

Come to the museum to explore the collection and learn more about public transit back in Baltimore’s earlier days. You can actually go for a ride on a handful of the classic trolleys, including Car 417. This beautiful vintage vehicle is the only remaining streetcar to have been powered by horse, cable, and electricity at various times starting in the 1890s. Climb aboard the car to go for a spin, or check out the historic exhibits inside the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.