Plan a Unique Party With Wonderfly Games

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, the staffers at Wonderfly Games make sure you have a fun and active way to celebrate every special occasion. They offer three unique games: BubbleBall, Arrow Tag, and Hamster Balls. You can play the games outside at a park or in a backyard during the warm months, or rent out a gym for the fun in the colder months. Wonderfly Games comes to you with all the equipment necessary.

If you choose BubbleBall, suit up for a round of human bumper cars. The "bubble" is actually an inflatable sphere with a tunnel in the center, large enough to cover your body from just above your knees to above the top of your head. The bubble protects you completely as you chuck yourself at friends. If you like paintball, you’ll love Arrow Tag. Every player gets a bow and a quiver of foam-tipped arrows, which you send soaring at opponents as you dodge behind inflatable barriers. The Hamster Balls, on the other hand, are huge inflatable globes that you can actually step inside of and navigate around a large open space using just your two feet—like a hamster on a wheel.