Nosh on Casual Sicilian Fare at Joe Benny’s

Joe Benny’s calls itself Baltimore’s first and only focacceria, and its menu of Italian specialties really is based around this type of perfectly chewy, savory focaccia bread. In addition to a few appetizers, you can choose from focaccia Panini sandwiches, or focaccia pizzas, all of which are expertly topped with fresh and often homemade ingredient. Try one with their homemade fennel sausage, aromatic pesto, or hand rolled meatballs.

All of the menu items are packed with flavor and prepared with care, just like the bistros found throughout Italy. Stop in at happy hour for an Italian beer or Orange Crush Italian soda, and one of their food monthly specials. Joe Benny’s is a small place, so it's a cozy and inviting spot for lunch or dinner. Go to for a peak at the menu, or to learn more about the history of this Sicilian gem tucked into Baltimore’s Little Italy.