Learn How to Craft Lebanese Dishes at The Cuisine of Lebanon Cooking Class on November 29th

Have you ever wondered how Lebanese food differs from the foods of nearby Mediterranean countries? The answer is that it varies only slightly in some preparation techniques, but these small tweaks can make a world of difference. Learn all about the minor modifications that make Lebanese food unique at The Cuisine of Lebanon, a cooking class at Schola on Wednesday, November 29th.

From 6 to 9 p.m., one of Schola's seasoned instructors will show you how to create signature Lebanese dishes, beginning with three dips: hummus, tabbouleh, and muhammara. Students bake fresh pita bread to pair with the dips. Then you'll learn how to make sheikh el-mehsheh, a dish with eggplant and beef, and lahmebaajeen, a savory pie stuffed with beef, tomato, and spices. Finally, the class will create snoubra, which showcases potatoes, red peppers, bulgar wheat, and spices. It's $70 to attend the class, which includes a full meal.