Tapas Teatro: Share a Meal of Small Plates Before or After a Night at the Theater

The “Teatro” in Tapas Teatro’s name is a reference to this cozy restaurant’s location, tucked into a space adjacent to the Charles Theater. While it is true that theater audiences frequent the spot before the overture is played and after the curtain goes down, Tapas Teatro also likes to think of its meals as performances unto themselves.film Despicable Me 3

When you order a salad, for example, it will arrive at your table artfully arranged, with an aesthetic interplay of colors and textures on the plate, and the same is true for any dish listed on the restaurant’s menu. The staff at Tapas Teatro will be quick to remind you that like a theatrical production, a meal is more than the sum of its parts—it’s the interplay of atmosphere, conversation, food and drinks that really make a meal sing. Be sure that you order an array of inventive tapas plates ranging from seared brussels sprouts to flank steak to tangy goat cheese drizzled with honey.