Craving a Creative Pizza Pie Near The Fitzgerald at UB Midtown? Visit Two Boots Baltimore

Two Boots is a small chain of pizzerias that is a favorite among vegans and hipsters alike. With its cool college vibe, loud colors and pizza options for days, the Baltimore location draws in the lunch crowds that love its outdoor seating and unique pizza offerings.

With fun names like The Bird, Mr. Pink, and Bayou Beast, you can bet the pizzas at Two Boots aren’t your usual pies. Take the Larry Tate, for example, or the gluten-free and vegan that pizzas are some of the most popular menu options. There’s classics, too, including just cheese, pepperoni—and you can rest assured that each topping is sourced from truly high quality suppliers. The San Marzano tomatoes even come straight from Italy!watch full film Die Reste meines Lebens online

Two Boots offers whole pies at any given time and slices to go. Specials change daily, so call in for the pizza of the day.

Two Boots
1203 W Mt Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217
Midtown Belvedere
(410) 625-2668