Baltimore Streetcar Museum: A Must-Visit Museum for Residents of The Fitzgerald at UB Midtown

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, streetcars ran up and down Baltimore streets, shuttling commuters to work, shoppers to the neighborhood stores, and children home from school. In 1966, after most of the trolleys stopped running, the Baltimore Streetcar Museum was founded to preserve this important part of local history.

The museum, located on Falls Road in the industrial neighborhood of Charles North, has over a century’s worth of photographs, historical artifacts, and train paraphernalia on display. There are also 20 well-preserved streetcars parked outside, one of which runs a short loop every 15 minutes. Unlimited rides on the trolleys are included with the price of admission (a feature that is very popular with kids).

Make note before heading over from The Fitzgerald: The Baltimore Streetcar Museum is only open on Sunday afternoons from March to December and on Saturdays from June to October. The venue can be rented for birthdays, office events, or graduation parties!

Baltimore Streetcar Museum
1901 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 547-0264