Lost City Diner: Where The Fitzgerald at UB Midtown Can Enjoy a Little Taste of ’50s Nostalgia

At the corner of North Charles and East Lafayette, across the way from the Charles Theatre, you’ll find Lost City Diner, a place that will make you feel like you’ve fired up the flux capacitor and traveled back in time. This ‘50s-style diner features Art Deco-inspired steel and neon decor on the outside, and images from retro comic books and sci-fi films inside. Behind the diner counter, you’ll see an old-fashioned soda fountain, hear the whir of the milkshake machine, and catch mouthwatering scents from the grill throughout the day.

Though this place is definitely a throwback, Lost City also keeps up with the times with a wide range of vegetarian- and vegan-friendly menu items (this makes it a hit with many of the locals, including residents of The Fitzgerald). Carnivores shouldn’t miss the Monte Cristo (ham, turkey, and Swiss, dipped in egg batter and fried) along with an order of the Saturn rings, while vegans should check out the vegan meatball sandwich and the veggie chili.Despicable Me 3 movie trailer

Lost City Diner
1730 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 547-5678