Pat Metheny at The Hippodrome Theatre

Ready to see a Jazz guitar legend reinvent his on stage performance? Ready to witness a musical experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Well Pat Metheny is coming to Baltimore on a tour that’s debuting his new solo ensemble which he’s calling “Orchestrionics.”

Pat Metheny has been playing and touring since 1974, winning 17 Grammy Awards, getting 3 gold records, and continuously setting and pushing the boundaries of Progressive & Contemporary Jazz. Recently he’s been figuring out how he can take the concept of Player Pianos & Orchestrions and apply it to his music. He’s inventing a new experience for everyone involved by combining the sound of a big band with the creative flexibility of Jazz  improvisation.

Pat Metheny will be preforming his “Orchestronics” at The Hippordrome Theatre in the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center this Wednesday, October 20th, starting at 7:30pm. If you’re a fan of Pat Metheny, Jazz, or are just curious about how Pat’s “Orchestrionics” will sound live, this is an event that shouldn’t be missed.