Fine Chocolate in Baltimore: Glarus Chocolatier

Just thinking about the delicious chocolate found at Glarus Chocolatier in Baltimore makes our mouths water at The Fitzgerald. From chocolate bars, bark, truffles and assorted chocolates to seasonal treats, Glarus Chocolatier knows how to please the taste buds.

Opened in 2004 by Jennifer and Ben (the married twosome behind the sweet business), Glarus Chocolatier is a traditional Swiss chocolate company that crafts their recipes to be Swiss traditional. The candied couple also forms each of their chocolates by hand without the use of preservatives, high fructose corn syrups or anything artificial. Glarus Chocolatier is named after Ben’s father’s hometown in Glarus, Switzerland.

The inspiration behind opening a quality Chocolatier in Baltimore was fueled by the desire to offer the kind of quality very rarely found in today’s confections. Using original family recipes dating back to 1957 in Switzerland, Jennifer and Ben offer their handmade fresh-cream truffles, assorted Swiss chocolate confections, and other delectable specialties like all-natural chocolate sauce and chocolate bars.

Glarus Chocolatier offers a variety of gift giving options as and services as well, including wedding and party favors, corporate gifts and more at a bulk discount. Their products are easy to ship and arrive promptly after ordering!

The Fitzgerald team encourages you to check them out and try their mouthwatering Swiss chocolate! Glarus Chocolatier is located on 644 South Exeter Street across the street from Whole Foods Market in Baltimore.

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