The Charm City Scene: September 6 – September 12

Charm City Scene is opening its doors to several artsy things this week, including two exhibits and a unique sustainable show you shouldn’t miss.

Take advantage of your extra long Labor Day weekend and check out the opening reception for Shahrzad Taavoni’s art & photography exhibit at The Brewer’s Art. Shahrzad Taavoni is an Iranian-American whose artistic direction is heavily influenced by her educational background. She has a BS in Psychology from University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University in California. With such a diverse education, it’s easy to see how Shahrzad draws inspiration from microbiology and cell anatomy for her wonderful work. Brings new meaning to The Brewer’s Art!

Moving on to the art of touring, Ben Sollee and his band are pedaling into town this Wednesday, as he and his band make another stop on their Ditch the Van Tour at 2640. The concept for the tour is pretty revolutionary. The band quite literally left the standard touring van behind and is biking across the country, carrying or towing all of their gear on their bikes! While there’s no doubt that many people are calling this a way to be green, the band thinks of it as a way to “be more human with the pace of touring.” Call it what you want to call it, but everyone can agree it’s a great example of the sustainability and the practicality of riding bikes. If a band can have a cross-country tour on bikes, it might just get more people thinking about biking to work or the grocery store, which are both extremely short, easy rides in comparison. Speaking of commuting by bicycle, the city has been paying more attention to our cycling community lately, and initiatives are in progress to help the city become more bike-friendly. One of our favorite local reads is the unofficial Bike Baltimore blog run by Nate, the city’s bike planner.  He keeps it up to speed with biking news, projects, and events across Baltimore. If you’re a bike commuter, an avid biker, or just enjoy biking and its impact on city planning, you definitely should check it out.

Finally, we recommend you stop by The Text & Its Discontexts Exhibit at the Towson ARTS Collective. This will be The Collective’s first text arts show and it will feature over two dozen artists and 60 original objects, ranging from old manipulated books to special films. The exhibit looks at how we examine text. Is it a mere tool of language, a great graphical representation, an evolving idea of what we believe, or all of the above? The opening reception for the exhibit is this Friday from 6-8pm, with an after-party hosted by French Press Café. The exhibit will run until October 22nd, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide what text means to you.

See you next week, Charm City!

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