Get your Harry, Hungry and Hilarious Fix at HampdenFest 2010

Music. Mustaches. Beer. Beards. Art. Crafts. Film. Toilet Races? Yup, that pretty much describes what you’re in for when you head over to HampdenFest this year.

Held annually in the Hampden neighborhood, HampdenFest is a FREE festival that allows the residents of Hampden and Baltimore to come out and enjoy everything the neighborhood has to offer. Starting as a local community event, it’s become a bigger and better event each year.

Diving right into the nitty gritty core, the festival is divided into three parts: food, arts, and music (we like those parts). For its music portion, HampdenFest will feature three stages & a DJ tent along 36th Avenue with performances throughout the day. Bmore Musically Informed has a great post on the festivities here, and you can check out the stage locations and a full lineup with links to band websites here.

The food selection is a balanced mix of healthy and delicious dishes as well as a variety of mouth watering desserts from local Baltimore restaurants, and we mustn’t forget the amazing beer selection provided by Baltimore’s very own The Brewer’s Art.

Arts and local crafts are a large part of HampdenFest, so much so that they’re the main attraction for many visitors. Aside from Hampden’s great, well-known and well-regarded storefronts that are essential to the neighborhood, there will be four full blocks of vendors. So if you love to find unique pieces of art, crafts, or vintage antiques, you’ll definitely want to browse these streets. In addition to vendors, there will also be an emerging artist exhibit and a film festival.

Do you fancy facial hair? Then don’t miss The Charm City Beard & Mustache Championships, organized by the Baltimore Beard and Mustache Club. At 4pm, head over to the Party Stage (on West 36th Avenue & Elm Street) to see the finalists face off. Beardos unite!

If you thought the Beard & Mustache Championships were interesting, the fest is marking its valiant return with the addition of the 1st annual Toilet Race. Think of it as a combination of bobsledding, drag racing, plumbing, and Flugtag…should be quite interesting to say the least. If you’d like to participate and not just spectate, here are some basics. You can have a team of 2-7 people (1-3 may be pilots, 1-4 may be team members).  Pilots will be steering the “racer” (i.e. toilet), and team members are there mostly to help push the racer for the first 20 feet of the race. Is this reminding you of Cool Runnings yet? Check out the complete rules and information about the toilet race here.

This years fest is shaping up to be a great day of fun along 36th Avenue. See you there!

Event Deets:

  • What: HampdenFest 2010
  • When: 9/11; 10am-7pm
  • Where: Hampden, Baltimore – West 36th Avenue