Local Love Spotlight: Station North Arts Cafe Gallery

We have another great local business in our Local Love Spotlight on this glorious summer Friday. Heading up North Charles Street into the heart of The Station North Arts and Entertainment District is a simple 3-story, 19th century row house, in which sits the Station North Arts Cafe Gallery.

The product of partners Kevin Brown and Bill Maughlin’s desire to live the “best life” through their love for good food and the arts, Station North Arts Cafe Gallery offers the best of both worlds. With an ever-changing menu and lots of interesting art, this is one place you can get used to frequenting. That’s all part of the master plan, as Kevin and Bill aim to provide great service that keeps the customers returning time and time again. That shouldn’t be too hard with the delicious treats, a proper breakfast, one of the best specials, EVER: a bottomless cup of coffee. Oh and did we mention you can get all this without breaking your wallet?

Aside from a enticing and inexpensive breakfast, another perk of this hidden, hole-in-the-wall gem is a gallery which loves to showcase pieces from local artists. They’ve even been known to hold exhibits for a emerging creatives, which is something we can get behind.

So, if you’re looking for a morning stroll followed by a breakfast that’s light on the wallet, but heavy on the YUM, make your way to Station North Arts Cafe Gallery, and they’ll make you feel like a regular the second you walk in their welcoming door.download full film Baby Driver 2017

Fitz Tip: Catching a train into the city? Give them a call beforehand and their catering service will whip up something special for the ride.

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