Local Love Spotlight: Tapas Teatro

The Local Love Spotlight (LLS) is your source for finding some of Baltimore’s best local businesses located near The Fitzgerald apartments. In the mood for some delicious eats, but can’t decide on one big plate? Try Tapas Teatro for some tasty smaller bites instead.

Right around the corner from The Fitzgerald, indulge in small portions and big taste from Tapas Teatro, a small bustling tapas bistro. Since 2001, Tapas Teatro has been dishing out pint sized plates that smack your taste buds with flavor.

Now what exactly is a Tapas? Well, Tapa comes from the Spanish verb tapar meaning “to cover” and originally referred to the act of covering your Sherry wine glass with a slice of bread or meat to keep fruit flies out. It quickly became apparent that people like to eat while they drink, and soon enough Tapas became more then just something to cover a drink with. Now it’s considered small plate dinning, where you order multiple plates and have a bit of everything.

Located next to The Charles Theatre on North Charles St., Tapas Teatro is quite a small lively spot, and with limited seating, it isn’t uncommon to see tables spilling out onto the street and even the lobby of The Charles. But it’s the lively, energetic, and even flirtatious atmosphere that makes this a great place to enjoy a fun first date (great for dinner before a movie next door ::wink wink::). As a side note, there are no reservations here, so come early and expect a bit of a wait.

If you’d like check out some personal experiences with Tapas Teatro check the review The Baltimore Snacker did for Restaurant Week and be sure to look at their Yelp & Urbanspoon profiles.

Photo courtesy of Robert McClintock

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