Local Love Spotlight: The Art of the Brew at Brewer’s Art

Set in an old Mount Vernon mansion, has developed a near cult following in Baltimore due to its elegant yet laid back setting, the delectable fare, and the beer that is brewed on site.

The Brewer’s Art offers many different ways to satisfy your taste buds and scintillate your senses. Chef Dave Newman seasonally changes up the menu featuring meats such as steak frites, resurrection-brined grilled pork rack and grilled Korean-style beef shorts ribs. Their seafood lineup includes pan roasted halibut and seared tuna, and the grilled shrimp with spicy shrimp butter is delightful. Vegetarians aren’t left behind with offerings such as peppadaw pepper polenta with local farm ratatouille and cherry tomato coulis. If your mouth isn’t watering by this point, we suggest reading their full menu .

The Brewer’s Art also offers a variety of on site brewed beer to taste and salivate over. They’ve got a fairly hoppy, but well balanced “Beacon” pale ale, a Belgian “Ozzy,” and a dark “Proletary Ale,” also dubbed the “beer for the people.” If you fancy a good story with your brew, check out review “Resurrection.” Legend has it that during the fermentation of the first batch of the Abbey-style ale, the yeast “died” and was “resurrected” by brewer Chris Cashell. It survived with a purpose: for you to drink it! Winos and brandy lovers won’t be disappointed either, since their bar is fully stocked.

If you want to enjoy Brewer’s Art from the comfort of your own home, grab a six pack of their beer at local retailers. In Baltimore, they sell it at Beltway Liquors and in Washington DC, find it at Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits, Clevland Park Liquors, Scheinder’s on Capital Hill, and both the P Street and Wisconsin Whole Foods. Where have you found Brewer’s art in Mount Vernon? Several local charities and soccer teams benefit from bottle sales, so grab an extra sixer to support these causes.

Still not convinced you should go? Visit their , and we’re positive you’ll change your mind. The Brewer’s Art is located near at 1106 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

And just , they’re on and too!

Fitz Tip: Sundays and Mondays are discounted beer days!

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