The Fitzgerald’s Local Love Spotlight: Barnes & Noble – University of Baltimore

The Local Love Spotlight (LLS) is your source for finding some of Baltimore’s best local businesses located near The Fitzgerald apartments. To pay tribute to this week’s LLS, just head downstairs and pop into The Fitzgerald’s very own bookstore: The Barnes & Noble – University of Baltimore store.

First and foremost, we’d like to point out that, yes, Barnes & Noble is open. While construction at The Fitzgerald is still in progress, the fully-stocked Barnes & Noble branch is right on our doorstep, and open for all of your literary journeys. Grabbing the newest release from your favorite author has never been so convenient.

Inside, there’s a B&N Café that proudly brews Starbucks coffee, free wireless Internet access, and a wide selection of titles we’ve come to expect from the ultimate destination for book lovers. University of Baltimore students also get a 10% discount, so we’re certain it will be bustling with co-eds this fall. Once you’ve acquired your new summer romance or thought-provoking thriller, sit down in the café, enjoy a nice cup of Starbucks Joe and open up those crisp pages for an enticing read. It’s nice to embark on a change of scenery without traveling too far; another reason living at The Fitzgerald has its perks.

Still curious? Head over to the Barnes & Noble – University of Baltimore store and have a look for yourself. Since the brand new location isn’t even listed on the B&N website yet, just find The Fitzgerald, and you won’t miss it. We promise you’ll be impressed by the gorgeous new bookstore that calls The Fitzgerald home.

Stay tuned for our next LLS, where we explore more of Baltimore’s best local establishments.

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