A Book Lover’s Dream: The Book Thing of Baltimore

Do you have books laying around that you aren’t using? Any that are collecting dust? Perfect. The Book Thing of Baltimore wants your old books and in return you are welcome to any books you would like from their extensive collection. Everything is free for you to take!

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch. All the books are really free, there is no limit to how many books you can take per day and all you need to give them for a donation is a smile.

The Book Thing of Baltimore’s mission is to put unwanted books into the hands of those who want and need them. Located close to The Fitzgerald in Baltimore, The Book Thing is easily accessible by public transportation, freeway and foot! Started in 1999 by Russell Wattenberg, most of their books come from businesses, organizations and people like you who no longer have any need for them. All donations are tax-deductible, and they can provide receipts for the number of books donated.

So how did The Book Thing come to be? Wattenberg explains…

“It all started when I was managing Dougherty’s Pub, there was a group of schoolteachers who came to the bar for happy hour on Fridays. One Friday I had picked up a load of books earlier and still had them in my van. I gave the keys to the teachers at happy hour and told them to ‘Open it up, take whatever books you need for your classes or for yourselves.’ To my amazement, they were amazed. Soon, people were bringing me books, for my ‘book thing…’or whatever. Hence, The Book Thing of Baltimore, Inc. ”

If you are interested in donating books, picking up books for donations, or volunteering, you can visit The Book Thing located close to The Fitzgerald at 3001 Vineyard Lane or email them at bookthing [@] bookthing [dot] org.

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